November 14th, 2006

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What we're paying...

Was looking at fares on the US Airways site, and noticed this helpful breakdown of taxes, surcharges, etc. Thought some of you might like to see the exact breakdown, which travel agents rarely tell you:

Passenger TypeAdult Fare LGW to PBI -
Fare Basis KLMG0BB$153.61
Plus Fuel Surcharge$61.63

MIA to LGW - Fare Basis TLMG0XB$227.57
Plus Fuel Surcharge$61.63
Adjusted Base Fare$504.44

Total Fare$504.44

Tax: US International Arrival$14.50
Tax: US International Departure$14.50
Tax: United Kingdom Air Passengers Duty$37.93
Fee: US Immigration$7.00
Fee: US Animal & Plant Health Inspection Svc.$5.00
Fee: US Customs User$5.00
Fee: US Passenger Facility Charge$10.50
September 11 Security Fee$7.50
Fee: United Kingdom Passenger Service Charge$14.41

Total Per Passenger$620.78
Number of Passengers1
Total by Passenger Type$620.78

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